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what we do
written stuff
A lot of people read about an artist before actually hearing them, so it’s pretty important to get those words right. We take care of servicing sheets (or ‘one-sheets’ if you’re old school), bios, press releases, tour announcements, grant applications – you name it.

visual stuff
If you can see it, we do it: logos, posters, websites, album art... Our network of creatives includes some amazing illustrators, painters and typographers, so anything is possible.

web stuff
From building websites, to setting up easy-to-use Content Management Systems, to social networking and online marketing; we've tried just about everything that's out there and will be able to set you up with the system that works best for you, make it look rad and then teach you how to use it.

Whether it is a full-scale publicity campaign, or just an email to try and snare your dream manager; we can provide a point of connection to your audience and your industry alike.

Most of our clients have been seeking a plan, some encouragement and an outside point of view, so that's something we help with a lot. Preferably over a beer.